bed bug on finger

What do bed bugs look like?

Bed bugs are a reddish-brown and are about ¼ of an inch in diameter. Typically they look like a flat apple seed or lentil bean.
What signs should I look out for?

There are several different warning signs to look out for with bed bugs. These signs include:

1) Small brown/ black spots on your mattress or other upholstery
2) Dead skin
3) Egg shells
4) Bites on your legs, arm, face, or any other body part that is exposed while sleeping

How common are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are more common than you think. A recent study from NPMA found that 1 in 5 Americans had encountered a beg bug problem in their lifetime.

Where are bed bugs found?

Bed bugs can be found anywhere and in any state. It is a common myth that bed bugs just affect bigger cities with large populations. The truth is that they can be found in any city and any state. Furthermore, they are survivalist. They can set up shop anywhere including: movie theaters, hotels, apartment complexes, single family homes, schools, and more!

Can I try to treat bed bugs on my own?

Bed bugs can be very difficult to eliminate. They can live months without eating and can survive in just about any environment. Bed bugs have two main activities 1) eating 2) reproducing. If you do not catch the problem and treat it right then it will only get worse. Our pest control company offers a variety of bed bug treatments. Just give us a call at (815) 397-2373 to learn more about our residential and commercial bed bug services in Beloit, Freeport, Dekalb, Janesville, Rockford, and the surrounding areas.


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