It is always best practices to handle any pest situation at the first sign of a problem. Most hospital and healthcare facilities call for help after a situation has occurred. In most of these cases the bed bug infestation was ignored or not caught soon enough and the infestation spread to other areas or rooms in the hospital.

Bed bug infestations are much easier to nip in the bud when addressed early. Bed bug education is key to identifying an infestation at the beginning.

Burr Pest Control can help your health care facility learn how to identify signs of bed bugs in areas of the hospital such as:

• Waiting rooms
• Break rooms
• Transport vehicles
• Patient’s rooms
• Meeting rooms
• And more!

If you would like to learn more about how our pest control company can help your  Rockford, Beloit, Freeport, Dekalb, or Janesville healthcare facility tackle bed bugs then contact us today by calling us at (815) 397-2373!