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At the height of mosquito season many people may connect with mosquitoes .The prime time of year for mosquitoes occurs in the summer through early fall. After coming in contact with a mosquito most people get itchy welts that go away after a few days. However, there are far worse associations to make with mosquitoes.
Burr Pest Control in Rockford, IL wants to remind you about the threatening mosquito-borne diseases as well as prevention tips.
Mosquitoes are known to transmit illnesses such as:
• Malaria
• Zika
• West Nile Virus
• Chikungunya Virus
In order to protect you and your family from these health threats mosquitoes prevention is key. The NPMA recommends the below prevention tips:
• Apply insect repellent when outdoors
• Minimize outdoor activity between dusk and dawn
• Wear long pants, long sleeved shirts, and closed-toe shoes
• Eliminate standing water around your home
• Ensure that windows and doors are screened in
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