In order to protect your home this winter it is important that you are proactive by staying in front of potential pest control problems before they happen. In the winter months our Rockford, IL based pest control company tends to see a spike in pest such as boxelder bugs. Now is the time for you to get ahead of this possible pest threat before they make their way into your home or business.

Boxelder bugs live and thrive on rocks, trees, and buildings where the sun hits to keep warm. As the colder months start to approach these pests work their way over to nearby buildings and homes to keep warm during the winter.

Our pest control company provides box elder bug prevention and removal services in Rockford, Beloit, Freeport, Dekalb, and Janesville. We recommend that if you live in an area prone to boxelder bug infestations that you contact our pest control company to learn more about our services. Call our Rockford, IL office today to learn more about our services, (815) 397-2373!