The Termidor system is America's number one choice in conventional liquid termite treatments. Our team is trained and specifically certified to use this product. This particular product clings to the soil around the home or building and is consumed by the termites. Once it is consumed it not only affects that termite but it is then passed around throughout the rest of the colony.

3 Steps to Effective Termite Defense

Termites have been an important part of the earth’s ecological system for many millions of years. They infest dead and dying trees and sped up the natural cycle of deterioration- allowing for new growth to begin. Unfortunately, they can’t distinguish between the wood in your home and the wood in a forest. That’s why it’s vital to take steps to make sure your home doesn’t become their home.

Step 1: Get Professional Help

Small holes in wood, crumbling drywall, sagging doors or floors, insect wings, and small tubes are some of the more obvious signs of termites. But the absence of these signs doesn’t necessarily mean the absence of termites. That’s because termites are masters at avoiding detection, remaining hidden within walls and wood while they do their worst damage. Regular inspections by a pest professional are the best way to ensure your home truly is, and remains, free from termites.

Step 2: Employ the best liquid defense: Termidor

If the inspection reveals termites, your pest management professional can get rid of them and keep them from returning with a couple of different methods. Termidor is top rated for liquid termite treatment products. Whether your home is currently free of termites and you're looking for prevention, or a recent inspection revealed some activity, Termidor is a great option for the fastest, most effective way to address either situation. (Learn all about how Termidor works in this free brochure download.)

Step 3: Schedule Regular Professional Check-Ups

A clean bill of health from a doctor today doesn’t mean it’s not important for you to get regular check-ups in the future. Your home after a Termidor treatment is no different. Regular check-ups by your pest management professional will make sure Termidor continues to do its job, and that your home remains termite-free.